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About us

Creative play can happen any time with outfits inspired by comic book fashion and snap-on capes that let a child's imagination take flight. B.A. Superhero encourages little ones to explore their own powers every day and, in turn, face the world with their most confident selves.

Its mission to help kids feel like heroes every day by designing clothes rooted in these three beliefs:

  1. ALL PLAY IS CREATIVE PLAY, SO DRESS ACCORDINGLY- Parents know that kids’ play is serious business. All that play turns into storytelling, learning to compose a narrative, and multi-media artwork. Kids will create future generations of superheroes while they play. 
  2. GENDER-NEUTRAL COLORS AND DESIGNS MEAN UNLIMITED ADVENTURE- The prevalence of gendered toys and clothing for young children only hinders the scope of their dreams. Give kids all the colors to paint pictures of strong, courageous people.
  3. SUPERHEROES ARE UPLIFTING, CONFIDENCE-BUILDING, INSPIRING- Helping others with our special powers will always be in style. Imagine the strength of a child who displays a skill, the pride with which they engage others, and the way they confidently face the next obstacle. If a dress and a cape can help do that, then make it as wearable and comfortable as can be.


We proudly manufacture all garments here in America. From fabric to the last stitch, we search across the United States for the best materials and makers. One of the makers is founder and owner, Betty Alvarez. A comic-book loving mom of two in DC, she began B.A. Superhero after her daughter mistakenly thought a Superman action figure was a miniature version of herself.

We would love to hear from you. Send any questions, feedback, or heroic stories our way at

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